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Thread: ban template

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    ban template

    Well, NoobSallad is one of the only servers I could play in cs source, the only thing I wanted was to play ...
    One more day I was playing with my friends and a staff was kicking me because I was campering in the terrorist base, and when I went to tell my friend that the staff was abusing the power I said it well "Binho the staff must have problem of head to abuse the power "when I said this the staff banished me for fucking him, then I said wtf like that
    The guy abuses power and I'm banned.
    I just wanted to play in peace and train for the internal tournament of my clan
    plzz I'm just a player who wanted to play with friends
    who now play in NS and I stay out

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    Okay, so first of all, 99% of what you wrote is false. The only part that is true is that you were getting kicked for spawn camping.

    From the beginning, yes you were being kicked for camping T spawn because that is a violation of our rules. I constantly say to everyone in the server via admin talk, BOTH in English and Spanish, that terrorists must leave spawn by 1:30. Our rules state that the Terrorists must be out of spawn by 1:30. You are consistently in T spawn way past that, so you were being kicked and warned to stop camping, but you did not.

    Secondly, another reason for you being kicked is cause of your lag/high ping (in the 200s). I also warned you about this and told you to fix it. You are constantly lerping around and numerous people have said you lag.

    Thirdly, you say you play in "peace" and in your post mentioned some sentences you said leading up to just before you got banned. Those are incorrect. Your chat log is here:
    where it can be clearly seen you saying "admin fila da puta" and "binho o admin me expulso que viado retardado debmetal deve ter cancer" seconds before you got banned. I do not need to translate those sentences to realize that you were being disrespectful to me, simply because you think you were getting kicked for nothing when you were getting kicked because you were breaking the rules.

    This disrespect, along with the constant rule breaking (spawn camping), and your lag, resulted me in banning you.

    There are people who can vouch for what I have stated above.

    I will unban you now as you were banned for 2 weeks, but consider this your final warning. Next time you violate the rules again, you will receive a permanent ban.
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