Hello NS,

As you may have noticed, PubG and the BR game play style has taken online gaming by storm. I myself and a few other NS players have been engulfed in it especially PubG. So much in fact that CHC and I flew to Austin recently to attend DreamHack (a tournament style setting for various types of gameplay). I want to take this concept to the next level. I am looking for players that can seriously dedicate some time and effort to playing on a regular basis on PubG. PubG is very graphic intensive and I understand that some players may have limited resources. So I am willing to provide the hardware needed so you are able to play. This includes a capable PC and montior. We are looking for 3 additional players. So far its me (sUiCiDeR), CHC, and Pulse. Once we get a few practices on a regular basis, I am looking for us to attend tournaments that are BYOC. Please let me know if you are interested.

- sUiCiDeR