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Thread: TheKill's appeal

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    TheKill's appeal

    Name : Guiomar
    Name game: TheKill
    ID de STEAM: STEAM_0: 0: 238734169
    server: 24/7 DE_DUST2 NOOBSALAD.COM * - * RANK
    General cheating/exploits

    I have not been on this good server for a long time, which I really liked, so every time I can play here I connect, since it has good players that help me learn and improve, in recent months due to my high activity in the server I improved a lot, at a level that I could have done against the best, but a few weeks ago they forbade me in the middle of the game for what I had improved, they accused me of carrying hacks, what I do not do When I saw this I stayed Astonished, and I went to the server page so they could see my case (I did not know how to use it and it took me a long time)
    all I use is a package of weapons to make the counter look better, which helped me improve,
    and 2 commands that are for the fps:
    - r_dynamic 0
    - fps_max 999
    I also have a screen setting of 16.9 when I use awp because that way I see my enemies much farther and a widescreen resolution of 4.3 to use ak, m4 or deagle to be able to give more headshot. I also have a 144hz monitor that makes enemies see more fluid when it appears and a mouse player that gives me better accuracy

    I was expelled for exploiting in general what I think is for having insulted a user or for having spoken badly, which I apologize
    and also to cheat, which clarified that I do not have hacks, I only use some tricks that give me advantages like this:

    I must say that the server does not change the map and that it is only de_dust2 which led me to practice with bots and wallbangs through the doors or other parts and know where my enemies should be most often and helping me to see the odd tutorial on YouTube

    Well, that's it, I ask you to eliminate the prohibition for unfair reasons, when there are players who use hack and do not forbid them, because I want to play again on this fantastic server.
    I'll be very greatful

    pdts :Excuse me my English is that I do not know much I have to translate

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    @iragequite please upload demo here or sourcebans for reveiw.

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    I did some research and you have two other bans from other servers within the past few weeks.

    For now, the ban remains unless proven otherwise.

    - sUiCiDeR

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