Just out of curiousness i'm wondering what everyone computer specs are?

I'm always on different computer when playing, Reason for that is i build and sale computers. So i'm some what of a spec nerd. i would love to know everyone's setup. This is my current setup as of now.

Pc Specs

Processor: 17 4770K clocked at 4.5

Memory: 32gb ddr3 @2133

Mother Board: MSI z87-g55

Graphics: Evga Gtx 960 SSC 4Gb

SSD: 250Gb Kingston

Hdd: None

Windows: 10 Pro

Monitor Specs:

i have 2 MSI 24" 144hz 1Ms curved monitor

Mouse: Logitech G502

Keyboard: Redragon LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard .

Thanks in advanced for anyone that replies with their specs.

Have a great day!!!